Google Ads Audit


Feel like your Google Ads aren’t getting the job done? 

My audit approach gives you an objective set of (expert) eyes to look for ways to improve. I’ll dig into your campaigns to find any areas to improve your profitability.

After completing the audit, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of practical recommendations and clear direction on where to concentrate your efforts to get the most out of your ad spend.

Designed specifically for service-based businesses or e-commerce brands who are looking to increase conversions and drive more sales through Google Ads.

By analyzing your current campaign performance I can identify areas of improvement and suggest strategies to reduce waste so you can maximize your investment.

– in-depth inspection focused on helping you maximize your investment
  1. – video recording of my findings and recommendations, delivered to your inbox within 5 business days
  2. – prioritized action plan so you know exactly what to tackle first
  3. – 5 days Q&A support after you receive my audit findings

After you’ve booked your audit you’ll receive an intake form to give me the low down on your concerns. Then I’ll dive into your account, record my findings, and package it all up so it’s ready in your inbox within 5 business days. 

expert Google ads audit

Your Google Ads Private Eye

My friends call me The MBI (Mexican Bureau of Investigation) because I can dig up damn near anything. A useful talent during performance audits where I dig up all the areas not working well or needing improvement. All in the name of adding fuel to your ad fire!

The best part is giving you a list of easy wins to focus on. My recommendations are clear and actionable, practical stuff a business owner can wrap their head around and actually put to use. Just think of me as your personal Google Ads private eye!

Confidence & Clarity

Gain confidence and clarity your Google Ads campaigns are set up to perform and avoid waste.

Ready to Implement

Save time figuring out what you need to address. My audit suggestions will clearly lay out what to tackle and why.

Optimize With Ease

 All the numbers and graphs, giving you grief? I’ll tell you exactly what to tweak to get the most out of your ad spend.

Improve your ROI with our data-driven Google Ads audit

drive more sales and reduce cost

Maximize your performance with a Google Ads audit

When you book a personalized Google Ads audit you get:

"With Olivia's help we've made huge steps in the right direction which has gotten us more leads, better conversions and ultimately more revenue."

— Jake, local gym + online training platform owner

Not sure where to start?

Book a quick chat and I’ll help you decide. That might even be starting with something other than Google Ads. Either way, I’ll help point you in the right direction.

Answers to your Q's

Let's Talk Details

If the recommendations are all Google Ads related, yes. If you decide to hire me to make the changes within 14 days after receiving your audit results, you’ll receive a credit on your implementation invoice for the price of the audit. 

You betcha! My goal here isn’t just to dig up data and razzle dazzle you with my industry knowledge. I want to empower you with useful info and some solid next steps specific to your goals. Too often folks get audit reports chock full of fancy jargon and pretty graphs but light on any guidance for what to actually DO. 

You’ll get straight-up recommendations to help drive real results from me, plus an over-the-shoulder recording of me actually auditing your account.

My audit approach scrutinizes your current performance to find areas to improve. By using my expertise in Google Ads management strategies, I can help you streamline your campaigns, eliminate unnecessary spend, and improve your ad performance. This ultimately leads to lower costs and a more efficient allocation of your ad budget.

Even with an agency running your Google Ads, sometimes that spidey sense starts to tell you something isn’t quite right. If something feels off with your performance or you just want a second opinion, I’ve got your back.

My expert eyes can spot issues or missed wins hiding under all that data most glance over. At the end, you’ll have clear recs to help your ads shape up.

Absolutely. I do quite a bit of audits for ads managers needing a little extra support or a fresh perspective. 

What my audit does not do is allow you to pass off my deliverables as your own.

Don’t sweat it! I’m here to meet you where you’re at. I put a lot of effort into explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. When you receive your audit findings you’ll also have an opportunity to decide if you’d rather have me implement the recommendations (for an additional fee of course). I’ll even credit you the cost of the audit if you book within 14 days.

"We were wasting a lot of money on marketing that wasn't showing nearly half the return until working with Olivia."

- Mel, commercial & residential construction